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The Love Cult – Feeling In My Heart


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About Album

About Feeling In My Heart


The Love Cult’s first album, Feeling In My Heart, is a soulful and heavy collection of songs that deals with heartbreak, break-ups, and the always pervasive feeling of love. The band opens with the album’s title track, “Feeling In My Heart”, a swampy blues-rock tune about a feeling that just won’t quit but keeps things murky and confusing.  A solid organ melody keeps the music going strong with the beat, while a mysterious solo guitar fills the emptiness of the song, as the singer wails about a devilish girl that he can’t keep from loving, no matter how bad she may treat him.  “You Can’t Win This Game is the heart-felt regret of a man who knows that no matter how hard he tries, his love will never be returned in kind.  The song drives strong with a heavy beat, thumping bass, and distorted blues rhythm guitars, and has a kind of burning feeling to it that you can’t ignore.  “Time On My Side” brings in a whole different style of rock that picks up the album with a similar theme of heartbreak with a glimpse of hope that there’s still time to get back on track after a bad break-up.

The Love Cult’s ‘Feeling In My Heart’ is a must-have for any music enthusiast’s collection!

Artist: The Great Fraud
Release Date: January 10, 2016
Genre: Rock & Roll

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