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Fools of Fortune – Ukulele Loveboat


1. Like I Do buy track
2. Follow Me buy track
3. My Whole Life in One Day buy track
4. Ukulele Loveboat (Title Track) buy track
5. Without You buy track
6. What would you do without love? buy track
7. Sweet Georgia Tune buy track
8. Game of Love buy track
9. Kick Off Your Shoes and Run buy track
10. Miss Lucy buy track
11. River of Love buy track
12. My Boy buy track
13. To the Moon and Back buy track
14. Country Dream buy track
15. You Got That Love buy track
16. Green Mountain Song buy track

About Album

About Ukulele Loveboat

Fools of Fortune is a band formed by Joe & Antonina Marrero, centered around the release of their first album, “Ukulele Loveboat”. Ukulele Loveboat is an album about love and life.  A beautiful collection of love songs and duets that emerged as part of a collaborative writing effort with Joe Marrero and his wife, Antonina.
When listening to this album, It’s easy to see their intense love shining through in every song.
All duets were sung in collaboration with the extremely talented female vocalist, Nicole Briglio. Nicole Briglio was also among the female vocalists who performed on The Great Fraud’s “American Dream” album. Nicole is an extremely talented singer who brings an almost dreamy, crisp, and authentic female vocal sound to “Ukulele Loveboat” which perfectly complements Joe’s more gritty, deep, and ghostly vocal work. The Fools of Fortune’s “Ukulele Loveboat” is set to be an instant classic and a groundbreaking testament to music’s potential to emphasize beauty, love, and simplicity as an artform.

Artist: Joe Marrero
Release Date: January 10, 2016
Genre: Vocals/Guitar