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Marrero Music/The Great Fraud – Brass Balloon

The Great Fraud – Brass Balloon


1. Never Trust A Gypsy buy track
2. Mystery Man buy track
3. I Love That Girl buy track
4. Cold Machine buy track
5. Let's Go Out And Play buy track
6. Roll Down buy track
7. The Bridge buy track
8. Avalon Fields buy track
9. Love Ain't Simple buy track
10. Sweet Lorraine buy track
11. Do You Really Love Your Man? buy track
12. And The Gods Came Down buy track
13. Dream Sailing buy track

About Album

About Brass Balloon


Vintage Rock & Roll Band, The Great Fraud’s debut album, Brass Balloon, is a soulful masterpiece of musicianship, storytelling, and songwriting.  With songs like “Never Trust a Gypsy”, “Let’s Go Out and Play”, and “Roll Down”, The Great Fraud paints a clear picture of adventure, folly, and hardship with their soulful music and descriptive lyrics.  Songs like “Mystery Man” and “Avalon Fields” show the band’s psychedelic side and create an atmosphere of imagination within the listener’s mind.
Blues Rock Review had this to say about Brass Balloon: “The Great Fraud is a band with a great genuine sound that successfully straddles the line between classic blues rock and new blues”, and “it’s no surprise that Brass Balloon explodes with an energy that is so clearly inspired by iconic blues figures, yet powerfully genuine in the fire of its own unique sound.”

Joe Marrero: Vocals/Guitar
TasoZahariadis: Backing Vocals/Bass
Tony Marchesani: Drums
Philip ‘Reese’ Karlan: Harmonica/Vocals

Artist: The Great Fraud
Genre: Rock & Roll

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